About Us


About Us

Who We Are?

Based on the importance of scientific research and its importance in the development of the nations, the idea of establishing a world federation that sponsors science, scientists, inventors and innovators has been highlighted on the basis of sound scientific foundations in order to develop long-term strategic plans to advance the human society and achieve economic boom and use all elements of scientific research for the service of humans away from all international and regional conflicts through the deepening and development of constructive
economic relations based on the historical, geographical and cultural ties between these peoples. To enhance cooperation and encourage the investment of human and natural resources of which the world is very rich. Confirmation of this, the
initiative of establishing of this entity has come up, from academic and economic personalities, non-governmental institutions and associations from all Arab, African, Asian, European, and American countries and all world countries to be an entity expressing the aspirations and ambitions of their peoples.

Idea of Establishment
The need to gather and intensify the global efforts of inventors, innovators, and thinkers in a comprehensive framework that provides them with a common umbrella for their care in all ways and getting outputs of outstanding quality and human resources supported with science.
16+Years of Experience
320+Expert Engineers
47+Branches in World
750+Projects Done


The organization becomes the platform and container that embraces and concerns inventors, innovators and innovators specifically Students and young people with all their aspirations and educational programs and interest in international university education and meet under Its umbrella is all the institutions of invention, innovation, creativity, scientific institutions, students and youth to find Land and a fertile environment to exercise their attention and catch up with global development


Create an educated community of inventors, innovators and innovators from all segments of society, intellectually strengthened, Science and knowledge and awareness of the comprehensive and within the framework of scientific planning and prepared away for confusion and non-methodology And randomized and blinded thought and thought and participates in providing the community with the process of construction, development and development This is being promoted through training, capacity-building, workshops, regular scientific conferences and awareness seminars And to encourage and adopt means of luxury to fill the void with targeted community activities