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Global Universal Innovations Development And Investment Is An American, Non-Governmental, Non-Profit, And International Organization With All Of Its Legal Immunity.
Its Diverse Group Of Institutions And Management Works In

1. Innovation And Innovation Services
2. Entrepreneurial Services
3. Holding Scientific And Social Conferences
4. Holding Exhibitions Of Invention And Innovation
5. Organizing International Competitions
6. Patent And Intellectual Property Registration Services
7. Investment And Marketing Services For Inventions
8. Establish Professional Training Programs
9. Publishing Research In International Journals
10. Organizing Programs And Conferences For Women
11. Set Up Multiple Youth Programs
12. Holding Conferences And Programs For Strategic Research
13. Establish Programs For Young Talented People
14. Submitting International Accreditation Certificates To Training Experts And Training Institutions From Britain Accrediting The Higher Education Authority (ATHE)
15. International Arbitration And Dispute Services
16. Scientific And Strategic Research Department
17. Receiving International Partnerships, Institutions And Individuals
18. Receiving Those Wishing To Care
19. Receiving Those Wishing To Donate And Support The Organization For Scientific Programs And Inventions
20. Multiple International Membership Programs From All Institutions



Global Universal Innovations

GOIDI services