Global Entrepreneurship Center / Gec

Global Entrepreneurship Center / Gec

Preface By

Dr. Ibrahim AL-Yasin

Founding Chairman & President Of Governing Body

In the late era of these years, the role of women has become more important to men and it is imperative to work side by side during this fast-paced life, which is full of challenges and tasks, so the man has a very heavy burden on his shoulders as the needs has raised for those who confront these difficult tasks of daily life. No one can be more effective to support working men other than today`s Women, because the Allah Almighty has created a big number of great qualities in work, intelligence, patience, endurance, softness and emotion in women particularly, and we should play this precious role to initiative the launch of:

"International Centre of Women Entrepreneurs"

As We assure to work on many international programs that will highlight and promote the status of women at the international level as an equal partner to the men in running the life cycle and taking equal part in responsibilities, rights and duties.


This Center should become a platform to raise the importance in international community about the creative role of women in influencing all aspects of life and preparing creative future generations that will change the present shape of life to the better one by investing all available resources to draw the best image of the future.


The main work-cercal of ICWE is to hold annual forums and exhibitions for all domains of creativity for individuals and groups from entire Arab and Non-Arab world , shedding light on the most important innovations in all the sectors , to work on new creative initiatives for future forums ,to keep continuous focus on self-development ,to identify the latest ideas , highlighting the role of women in the media , in addition to promoting women through International Journal of Inventors and Creators (IJIC) , through the institutions of the ICWE , through the participation of these institutions in supporting creativity by arranging special programs in this regard and to work on promoting women globally by all available means .


The Center aims at presenting women globally with the best sparkling creations and to improve the level of understanding of women by cultural exchange and civilizational awareness by interacting with other international societies of women to achieve the common goals of identifying the creativity of the each other and the lead a revolution by getting benefited by these different components of cultures, education, customs and traditions presenting theirselves on different seminars, training and workshops arranged by ICWE, so a creative picture can be presented with high ranks of knowledge and culture.


1. Introducing all Innovations in Various Fields

2. Women's Participation in all Issues and Bringing practical solutions for the improvement of the life

3. Honoring Creative Women in Various fields for Projection

4. Defining Women's Need for an International Awareness and for Learning About Multi-Culture to Refine Creativity and Innovation in New, Modern and Unique Way

5. Educate and Train Women About Creativity and Entrepreneurship

6. Provide the Best Creative Plans for those Wishing to Invest in Institutions and Individuals

7. Establish Cooperation Protocols With Interested Individuals and Institutions

8. Introducing and Promoting the Best Creative Women and their Works through the International Journal

9. Establishing International Programs With Partnership of Women's Institutions

10. Supervision of Women's Programs Internationally



  • Holding the International Creative Women Exhibition Annually

  • Holding of the International Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference

  • Holding Annual Ceremony For Honoring Creative Women

  • Arranging An Annual Cultural Trip for Multi-Cultural Awareness



  • Awarding International Honorary Titles to Winners

  • Awarding International Membership (VIP)

  • Exemption from Participation Fees in International Programs

  • International Certificates for Individuals

  • International Certificates for Partner Institutions

  • Issuing Priority of Participation in all Programs

  • Registering, Publishing and introducing the member through the Journal of inventors