International Strategic Researches Center/ Icsr

International Strategic Researches Center/ Icsr


our present time is witnessing tremendous, accelerated and radical changes in all life aspects with astounding difference on what was happening in the past.

The development and openness of sciences horizons have led to a change in the coexistence way of this wide and multi-cultural and knowledge’s world. This led to giving a birth to a new and modern situation coated with a blind development that has a lot of advantages and disadvantages that emerged uncountable problems, dangers and obstacles in the way of coexistence and investing of life resources.

This development resulted in changes in environment, climate, shortages of water resources, desertification, pollution, shortage of food, increase of Requests to the medicine, spread of illnesses and epidemics, worsening of education, instability of the international security and increase poverty and every wise person should necessarily take responsibility toward these sequent and accelerated catastrophes that made today faraway from yesterday due to the huge development happening, and that urged us to put necessary solutions to avert the coming and disastrous risks.

All of that urged the international authority of inventions, development and investment to took its place in this world and decided to effectively take part to fight the future risks and making plans to take lessons and tackle what happened and to avert what will happen soon and predict occurrences in the nearby future.

Based on what it mentioned above, the center of strategic researches has been established to be habitue, beacon and compass to redirect the life track to the safe shore.



To led this center to become an international scientific platform for scholars and researches to observe and treat the global crises and disasters and reduce their danger and aggravation and working on converting the threats into sure opportunities that achieve hopes and ambitions in rebalancing all aspects of life and put forms of future scenarios in cooperation with international, institutional, researching and governmental decision makers.



The strategic researches center has the role of the leader, captain, guider and processor for all risks that have been occurred or will be occurring in the future and made protective and urgent programs and plans, as well as, providing all means of awareness and training courses and holding the scientific symposiums to exchange experiences through making meetings and international conferences to think together and find solutions and making emergency plans to face any unexpected updates.


The center goals

  • Discussing all daily problems and risks in life and recognize the strength and weakness points to avoid it as possible.

  • Find solutions within the available possibilities and international resources or reduce its increasing danger.

  • Holding international scientific conferences and meetings.

  • Holding training programs, workshops and symposiums.

  • Holding international forums to exchange experiences and make use of others experiments.

  • Giving scientific consultations for international, governmental and private institutions.

  • Participation with the international and strategic researches centers to address all kind of dangers to find possible solutions.

  • Publishing awareness and definitional booklet to avoid likely coming disasters and alertness of the current risks.

  • let inventers, inventors and pioneers involve in giving solutions to avoid dangers or reduce them or defeat them.


  • Holding the international strategic exhibitions and addressing the daily issues.

  • Holding meetings with decision makers from governmental institutions and international organizations to brief on most important issues either occurring or being expected to be occurred.

  • Working together with international organizations to exchange experiences and providing solutions and consultations for international strategic issues.




The strategic researches center is considering as one of the Global Organization of Inventing, Development and Investment’s (GOIDI) unprofitable institutions registered in USA.



  • Accepting individuals and institutions’ membership from science men and researchers.

  • Accepting inventors’ membership in the field of strategic researches.

  • Accepting the membership of the experts in the strategic training.


Annual programs

  • Holding the strategic researches international exhibition

  • Holding the strategic researches international forum

  • Presenting training courses in all important strategic topics

  • Holding gaudiness seminars and workshops to prevent all daily risks


The administrative body


  • Chairmen of the board

  • Head of the Center

  • CEO

  • Strategic Advisors

  • Training experts

  • Administrator

  • Secretariat

  • The management

the Global Organization of Inventing, Development and Investment (GOIDI) / USA

The Founder and the head of the researches center Dr. Ibrahim AlYassen