International Training Leaders Center

International Training Leaders Center


In this era of time, we continue to accelerate science, developments, successive changes and the integration of cultures and civilizations of all kinds and nationalities. The world has become a small village.

This training center is therefore needed to provide all available and informative expertise for the training sector and to refine their skills and projects in a modern and scientifically based manner while maintaining the quality of the programs.

All training workers are targeted at institutions and individuals from all countries in the various fields of development, application, administration, information systems and investment, as one of the pillars of the knowledge economy that is driving the generation and use of knowledge and innovation.


The "Centre for Training Leaders" should become a focus for workers in this important sector and ensure that they are provided with the latest international science so that they are placed in the ranks of global institutions in terms of science, knowledge, services and quality.


Delivering the most important findings of the Expert Mechanism in the training industry, keeping pace with the rapid development and delivering it to all concerned in the best ways and in the highest quality through the preparation of programs to meet the societal demand of the various institutions and through the preparation of seminars, counselling workshops, education and awareness-raising workshops.


  • Modern training.

  • Adherence to international quality standards in training content and training of trainers.

  • Accreditation of individuals and institutions according to international standards.

  • Enhancing expertise in training institutions and informing them of the latest international methods.

  • Cross-fertilization of ideas and exchange of international knowledge and experience.

  • Building international relations and opening new training markets.

  • Integration of training and institutional participation in the exchange of diverse programs.

  • Enhancing knowledge of the importance of international funds which are distinct in terms of access.

Advantages and incentives

  • Cooperation with the Group of American Judy Organizations.

  • Establishment of joint international programs.

  • Full logistical support for those wishing to cooperate.

  • Publication and introduction of the American International GOIDI Journal of Invention, Development and Investment, registered in the Library of the United States Congress, World Standard Number ISSN.

  • Identification on the organization's official website of institutions and individuals accredited for the official publication and documentation of their testimonies.

  • Opportunity to participate in international meetings of the best creators in all areas.

  • Membership of International Training Experts at the Center for American International Training Leaders.

  • Affiliation with training institutions at the American International Training Leaders Center.


International certificates and appropriations

These certificates will be Issued by an American from the Group of American GOIDI Invention, Development and Investment Organizations.

  1. Certification of international experts.

  2. Certification of international training institutions.

  3. Issuance of individual or institutional international membership.

  4. International expert training innovation and invention.

  5. International arbitration expert.

  6. Certified intellectual property international expert.

  7. International entrepreneurship expert.

  8. International Professional Training Expert.

  9. Leading international expert.

  10. International experts train CPT trainers across the TOT course.

  11. international experts in strategic planning.

Beneficiary sectors

  • Educational and research departments and institutions.

  • Business companies, organizations and entrepreneurship.

  • Institutions concerned internationally with intellectual protection, inventions and dissemination.

  • Economic and financial institutions and banks.

  • researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs and initiator

  • Specialized and distinctive civil society organizations.

  • Special media institutions.

  • Invention and Innovation Institutions and Societies.


Executive Head DR/ Ibrahim alyasen

(Rapporteur and Found