International Centre of Youth Entrepreneurs

International Centre of Youth Entrepreneurs

International Centre of Youth Entrepreneurs (ICYE)

Throughout history, the strength of societies has always resided in their youth. The power of a society can be measured by the strength, progress, and ability of its young generation to keep up with developments and possess various forms of knowledge. When societies suffer from lack of youth engagement, they are considered stagnant, as the youth are the driving force and the motivating energy that ignites enthusiasm and breathes life into all sectors of life. This is why advanced nations have prioritized the support of youth, removing any obstacles in their path to ensure their countries excel among nations. They have established universities and international programs, enabling young individuals to acquire knowledge and sciences, fully aware that the strength of nations lies in empowered and knowledgeable youth, both intellectually and physically.

To fulfill this vision, the International Centre of Youth Entrepreneurs (ICYE) was established as one of its institutions, dedicated to nurturing and guiding young people. It serves as a compass leading them towards safety and an endless sea of knowledge, enabling them to acquire knowledge and sciences.

To make ICYE an international promising platform that realizes the aspirations and ambitions of youth, connecting them with the world, diverse knowledge, cultures, and experiences.

To provide all international programs that keep up with developments, enhance awareness, perception, and experiences by bringing the best knowledge and sciences, facilitating their acquisition according to international standards and the requirements of societies. This benefits all countries and nationalities worldwide.

1. Provide the best international programs that attract the attention of international institutions.
2. Motivate the spirit of work, knowledge acquisition, and gaining experiences.
3. Organize international programs, forums, and competitions to raise aspirations, enhance capacities, and exchange experiences.
4. Connect young people with different sectors of international societies based on their specialties and experiences.
5. Introduce young people to international platforms.
6. Grant them international credentials and certificates that enable them to build their future.
7. Provide all innovation, invention, and creativity programs due to their importance in shaping strong youth personalities.
8. Promote the spirit of humanitarian work and the role of youth in raising awareness in societies.
9. Engage youth in international forums with international organizations.

Targeted Programs:
1. Organize local and international training programs in various fields.
2. Host scientific, cultural, and humanitarian forums.
3. Conduct local and international competitions.
4. Organize international camps.
5. Arrange water tourism programs.
6. Hold virtual conferences with official attendance.
7. Host scientific and awareness seminars.

Certifications, Accreditations, and Memberships:
1. Provide internationally recognized American certifications in various fields.
2. Offer accredited British certifications.
3. Grant accredited memberships in all categories.

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